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    What do you think off my plugs?????

    some expert opinions

    brand new plugs

    what do you think? i ran my xp yesterday mostly 1/2 to full wot...

    right is pto side

    lean or rich ( i wanne be both hahah )
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    They look rich to me like they are being washed with fuel. I like to see the porcelain area around the tip a nice rich chocolate brown color . Maybe my eyes are just crap and too old ?

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    Were these plugs pulled during a wot throttle chop or after the ride?

    If after the ride, they mean nothing...

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    this is after the ride....say 30 min!!! do you agree that the are being washed??

    well this is mostly wot any sugestions???

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    to me for a 2 stroke they look fine, like he said if it wasnted pulled right after a WOT pass and i mean at 7K cut it off then pull the plugs. its hard to tell

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    Look like stock 785 97xp plugs. Ride it.....

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    they are made in france. i think that might be an issue. can't remember any ngk's i have used made in france. in the us states, all mine come from Japan.

    it is hard to read a plug used for mixed throttle ridding. they never tell me much till damage has been done. they look like mixed riding plugs, are you running premix or oil injection?? really kinda ugly for just 30 minutes of ride time. what is total set up, stock or??

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    They look alright to me...just looking at the end of the bridges you can see them starting to turn chocolate brown. I agree with SURFnTURF, chocolate is the color

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    Thanks guys,

    if i get a little time and weather here in Amsterdam i'm gonna smoke it till 7000 and then pull the killswitch

    hoping for chocolade

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    I copied my post from another thread-on troubleshooting.

    Here's a little help, for the next time on the water...

    Spark Plugs 101-

    Two strokes are the easiest to diagnose. They need air, fuel, and spark to make them go boom. Pulling the spark plugs on a troubled engine will always tell you where to look.

    Dry= no fuel
    Wet= no spark or excessive fuel
    Black= fouled from excessive fuel or oil

    Testing/dialing fuel mixture can only be done at wot. Run the engine a good 10 seconds at wot (if you are sure the mixture is close, less if the first time out), snatch the lanyard, pull the plugs and inspect them. Look at the porcelin on the sides. They should be chocolate brown in color. Lighter is lean, darker is too rich. Too rich kills max rpms and wastes fuel. As long as it's chocolate, you are good.

    If you guys want us to read your plugs, take your camera out with you on the water. A new set of plugs needs some time to color up.

    Find the link for downloading the Mikuni Carb Manual on the site. We've posted it many times. It has excellent low speed tuning and then dialing in the high speed mixture, and a complete breakdown of all carb internals.

    Another thing to add to a wot throttle chop. DO NOT let off the gas, and then kill the engine. Pick a place on the lake you can coast safely to a stop and not be in the way of traffic when you pull the plugs for inspection. You need a read of the actual combustion chamber temp under wot, and letting off the gas kills this read.

    Just like Valk posted pics of his plugs after he got home and idled in. It's irrelevant, because it wasn't under actual conditions.

    Hope this helps. Plugs are like a road map to your engine. They'll eliminate alot of headaches if you take the time to look at them.

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