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Thread: PWC security!

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    PWC security!

    Im curious as to what means people use to protect thier skis from theft! Im heading to the Keys this weekend for a family vacation and im wanting to make sure that I secure them enough to where I can alteast deter a thief from thinking about it! Ive been looking at the Master Lock python lock , 6' cable with a 10' cable option, think I could use this one way or another!

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    Thats what I use and it works great! I also have a tongue lock for the trailer and hitch. I run the python thru the intake grate and secure the ski to the trailer for added security. I ride where Andreas had his RXP stolen. Not going to take chances

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    I use 1/2 cable locks at the rear of the ski to the trailer + coupler lock

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    The best you can do is make your ski an undesireable target. But there are things you can do to reduce the risk of theft. Cables and hitch locks are great, but beatable. An added security procedure is back your ski as close to a fence or building as possible and leave it hooked to your car/truck. A fenced or building corner is even better.

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    What Franko said.

    I also use the cables and have the intake grate lock - I picked up a pair on ebay a while back....they can be beaten, but hopefully they'll move on to an easier target or at least make enough noise that Mr. H&K can introduce himself to them

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    I got the best security. Its called total lost insurance that covers more than what I pay for everything.
    If someone really wants it they are going to steal it. All you can do is make them work harder to get it. Believe me I use to know someone who was a pro at stealing everything. He would also steal stuff that he didnt want just because the victim had a big head on their shoulders and said it cant be stolen. The funny thing was he never got caught throughout his career of doing this.

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    Anything can be stolen....why I try not to leave my toys anywhere unless absolutely necessary. If I take the car somewhere overnight - it is trailered...if they want it, they're going to make a LOT of noise taking it off the trailer or trying to unhook the trailer.

    But if they want it, they will take it - you are absolutely correct. Best thing to do besides insurance is make it a bit harder for them...unless there is something specific they are looking for, they will normally go for the easier target.

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    Yep, locks are there to keep honest people honest, and to serious theifs, they are just annoyances. The more you can annoy them the better. lol

    ANY lock can be defeated, if you give them enough time. The trick is to make them take more time.

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    Best deterrent is to put a "Powered by JC Whitney" sticker on your RXP.

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    those of you that think ANY lock can EASILY be defeated .. I challenge you to cut through KRYPTONITES "fuhgetaboutit" lock and chain your welcome to use any cutter or torch youd like let me iknow how u make out ...O by the way unless u have a 90 thous. pound vice press u arent breaking that chain or lock with normal everyday hand tools

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