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    Ultra 150 triple pipes

    Bought them about 4-5 years ago and used the ski maybe 10-15 tanks of fuel but no more. Its the lightning Series exhaust I think coffman made them, we didnt know much about skis and performance when we bought them and didnt realize we needed to port and run a high compression head to utilize them, long story short we had no bottom end but once it hit 3500 rpm it was like a rocket till either you gave or got thrown off. they were 2500 brand new, we are askin 1600 shipped to 48 states, can work something out if you snowbirds or wave bunnines are interested.

    oh yeah we just got two ultra 250s and this ones going back to stock and going away is reason we are downgrading it.
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    sold, may they send the next guy to a new level of speed

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    tripple pipes

    I've also got a set I would part with if any one is interested. Thanks!!!

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    please email me at if these are still available

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    I have a FFP CDI box if anyone needs one....

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