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    Need new turbo for 2002 3 seater

    So last Friday the seal in my turbo failed causing an exaust fire. I would like to buy a new turbo while I fix the old one. This is a work craft so I am renting while it is down.
    I called up honda and they want 2700$ for a new turbo, since the ski is only worth maybe 4000 that is not an option. Does anyone know of a good after market turbo that will bolt right in and work well witht the existing unmodded set up?

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    It is a special turbo that IHI built for Honda. There were two guys on the board who had done Nitro's conversion and had their's for sale.
    There are some turbo shops who supposedly rebuild them.

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    In need of Turbo

    Thanks for that info. Does anyone know of a link or a vender who sells them or model number??

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    Saw one on ebay a couple days ago

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