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    Shorty Waterbox for the X!!!

    what gains are seen with the waterbox on the x??? does it need a thru hull exhaust? or can you just do the stock water box mod and get the same results??? i know nothing about the waterbox.


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    Shorty waterbox on and x would require a thru hull exhaust fitting, coupler, and a j-pipe. Gains will be the same as rxp's. Sound an looks are the best gains IMO.

    Modding the stock waterbox on the x from what I understand will not do much for you due to the fact that once cut apart there really isn't too much to mod with them.

    Contact beachbum0286 about this, he is currently running the shorty box on his x and had cut his stock waterbox apart.

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    I should have my new p-x on saturday. gonna break it in for a while then start tearing into it. I have a Gibson setup on the way and have a j pipe from my old machine. gonna get everything setup next week see what it does

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