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Thread: RXT-X problem?

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    RXT-X problem?

    Just traded my 07 RXT for RXT-X, and noticed something strange during breakin. While holding throttle steady, my RXT's RPMs would always vary maybe 20-40 back and forth. On the T-X, especially around 2500-3100, RPMs vary by as much as 100-140. Also, you can hear the sound of the engine change slightly, and feel the boat surge when the RPMs change. Almost sounds like a cylinder cuts out for a couple of seconds (but I doubt that's what's happening). Another note, seems to be worse once the engine warms up a bit.

    Ski has 10 hrs now, and this was happening throughout break-in. At WOT in moderate chop, saw 70 on the generous SeaDoo speedo (sorry no GPS), so I'm thinking power is normal.

    Anyone else notice this? Thought I'd check before letting the dealer wrench on my new ski.

    BTW, the T-X is killer compared to the RXT . Glad I upgraded...

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    Forgot to mention, as soon as I noticed this I spent the $12 to replace the plugs...didn't change anything.

    FYI, the factory stock plugs were gapped at maybe .6mm (or less), when the book says they should be .75mm. New plugs were installed at .75mm.

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    Sounds like your in the rev limiter in waves....Normal

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    I noticed the same thing on mine. It almost feels like someone is putting on the brakes for a second.

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    I noticed the same thing on my RXT-X yesteday. Was going through a long no wake zone and it sounded like one cylinder was not firing or was intermittent. I had 4 hours on the ski at the time. It ran fine at other rpms, but at around 2880 it would sound like its missing, and the rpm would vary greatly. If I just idled it, sounded fine. If I went to 3000rpm it was also fine.

    I'm wondering if that's the rpm that the manufacturer uses to pass the epa emissions testing??

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the ski....BTW, ran 67.5 on the GPS, at 8060rpm, and 5 hours on the ski.

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    what you are feeling is nothing more than the fuel injection going back and forth between lean and rich. it should only happen under partial throttle operation.


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    marcelaw97, what kind of fuel economy are you seeing compared to the RXT, is it about the same or close?

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    Thanks for the input everyone! Called my dealer and he had already talked to SeaDoo about what I'm experiencing and they said if there are no error codes (nothing shows on the inst panel), then 99% sure nothing is wrong.

    YoYamma, I'd say fuel economy is about the same btw RXT and RXTX.

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