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    2 SHO model weight difference?!?!

    It seems like some of you guys have some inside Yami knowledge. Does anyone know why the SHO is 14lbs lighter than the SHO cruiser? Surely the cruiser seat doesn't weigh that much more? Foot chocks, tie down cleats, and a fuel meter, 14lbs?

    Every little weight reduction helps for top end speed, especially for a big guy like me.

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    and the big seat

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    the seat is definitely the biggest difference although I did notice my SHO cruiser seat is a lot lighter than my FX HO cruiser seat was

    Funny thing I noticed about mine is it does not have raised foot chokes like the FX HO Cruiser had and all the advertising said it would

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    Well, I just got my SHO today and I think all that weight difference is in the seat. My HO cruiser seats are like lead compared to the non-cruiser SHO.

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