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    frustrated again....battery problem

    ok so i thought i had it all sorted out, some of you might remeber my really long thread with the battery problem, well i got a new battery and things were good for over 1 week. Went out for a ride on sunday, things were good (abit of extra water but changing the thru hull bearing thanks shaneG)

    went out tonight looked at the mfd was in sleep mode, so hit the mode button to check the charge on the battery and it reaad 10.3.....tried to fire and it wouldnt go........wouldnt even start to turn over.........ahhhh!!!!! sooo......

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    Have you tried unhooking the MFD for a while and try starting after it has sat for a while. That thing is drawing more power than it should for some reason IMHO.

    Thru Hull bearing is wrapped in a blanket of buble wrap (2 layers) and boxed ready to go, I will send USPS tomorrow. Hope I don't faint at the price to get parts to our Canadian Brethern

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    Hmmm. Have you verified that the charging voltage is around 14.x volts with the engine running?

    Recharge your battery, then you can use your meter to check the battery drain current. Connect the battery positive as per normal, but leave the negative post disconnected.

    Set your multi-meter to DC AMPS mode, and connect the red lead solidly to the engine block, and the black lead tightly to the battery negative. The meter might read high for just a second, then should settle down to a near zero Amps number.

    If it is an auto-ranging meter, watch what scale it settles to, and record what the reading is (in milliamps). Leave it connected that way. Eventually the MFD should go to sleep. Read the milliamp value again, and tell us what you got for both readings.

    If your multi-meter goes to sleep itself, DON'T disconnect the leads, just turn the meter off & on, or click the setting knob one click to wake it up.

    While the meter is connected like this, DO NOT touch the start button, or the bilge pump. ALL power for the ski is going through your meter, and it can not handle a heavy load.

    Final test, touch the MFD button to wake it up, and watch what the current reading does. The reading should be close to the initial milliamp value when you first connected.

    Disconnect the multi-meter leads from the ski.

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    i havent tried to disconnect the mfd yet and see what it does...i will have to recharge the battery and try.

    K447 - i will try what you wrote...very detailed thanks do you know soo much about all this...i will see what i can do with all the instructions......if this keeps happening it might not be too long before i am on my way to TO with the ski

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