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    For Sale: 2003 Kawasaki STX 900. PERFECT!!! VERY CLEAN!!! WITH many ACCESSORIES!!!

    As the title states,

    I am selling my 2003 STX 900. The ski is in PERFECT running order and it is in PRISTINE condition. It has been very well taken care of and all maintenance work has been kept up with.

    I am the second owner and I am only selling it because I want to buy a NEW GP1300R before its too late (last production year). Unfortunately I cant afford to have both.

    I use this ski every weekend in Lake Ida and plan on using until it sells. If you are local and would like to join me for a test ride, I would be more then happy to show the ski in person.

    I am very pleased with this ski, I have had lots of trouble free fun and I am sure you will too.

    Ski runs GPS 55mph, performs great around turns and has great water hook up.

    Ski currently has 122 hours.


    Manufacture: Kawasaki
    Model: Jet SkiŽ 900 STX
    Engine: Two-stroke, three-cylinder, inducted water cooled, 891 cc
    Color: White/Blue
    Capacity: 3 seater
    Fuel capacity: 14gl


    Lots of storage space
    Will accommodate up to 3 rides comfortably
    Able to tow tube or wake board
    Hull small enough to ride solo aggressively
    Ski has reverse

    Equipped aftermarket parts:

    New Riva R&D Ride Plate
    New Riva R&D Intake Grate
    New Riva JetTrim Seat Cover, Black/white/blue

    New OEM part:

    New NGK spark plugs
    New Fuel filter
    New OEM impeller
    New OEM flame arrestor intake house x3

    Custom work:

    Handle bar painted glossy black
    Handle bar mount painted glossy black


    2004 one ski trailer (PERFECT condition, everything works)
    OEM Kawasaki cover
    OEM Owners manual
    OEM Workshop manual
    OEM magnetic key
    OEM fire extinguisher
    OEM flush hose adapter
    RIVA tow rope
    First aid kit (water proof)
    Two Ocean Pacific life vest
    Trailer ball lock
    Trailer ball pin lock
    Two stainless steel tie down
    Kawasaki title

    I think I covered all. Please contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

    ASKING: $4499

    Contact info:
    Located in South Florida, Delray Beach.

    NOTE: Riva seat cover is not pictured yet because I am still waiting to receive it. will install it and post pictures as soon as i get it.

    Pictures coming soon...
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    Here are some pictures. More to come once i install the seat cover...

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    ...very nice ski...seen it in person...

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    Will be posting more pictures soon...

    If you are interested in the ski and want to look at it in person, please give me a call and I will be happy to show it to you. I am very close to a lake and I can take it in the water for a test run.

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    what happened to the rest of the steering cover? if you are going for the UMI look, put a bar on their with a cross pad.. an uncovered steering stem can leave a nasty gash on the face (i know from experience)

    secondly, i guess you were riding on the no life jacket needed day?

    but overall the pricing seems about right... if someone offers you 4K for it take it.... i sold my stxr for 3K had more hours on it and it was rough so your price is right on par

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    OEM padding for the handle bar is available to the buyer.


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    here's a bump...wear a life jacket!

    I'll take it if the girl's included too =) j/k

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