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    2002 Polaris Virage I no fuel pressure

    I have a 2002 virage I that will not start because there is no fuel pressure. The fuel pump has been replaced and the fuel injectors are fine. The motor will run fine when gas is in the engine, but when it burns off, the engine cuts off and will not restart. What could be wrong? Thanks for the help.

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    Fuel Pump Checks

    Do you have a fully charge and good battery?
    there are 4 wires on the fuel pump connector: red/white,pink,black,brown.
    ok now unplug the fuel pump connector.
    get a multi-meter and put it on volts dc (vdc)find the red/white wire(red lead here) and backprobe it and go to the battery ground(black lead here).
    Do you have battery voltage? if so proceed if not then there is no power at the fuel pump.
    there should be a constant battery voltage present at the fuel pump all the time. the only thing that is supplied to the fuel pump when cranking/running is a ground. the emm just completes the circut and the pump works.

    now if you have voltage leave the meter on the red/white and then go the the red lead on the battery with the meter on the same setting(VDC) should read no more than .5 vdc(you just did a voltage drop test)

    now with the meter hooked the same way in the test above switch meter to ohms scale. should read 0 ohms. there should be nothing higher than 1 ohm. what do you have?
    if you find that either there is no voltage,a high resistence, or a high voltage drop check the following:
    by your battery is two circut breakers:
    one is for your red/purple and one is for your red/white
    take the four screws out and lift off the housing.
    there are two circut breakers inside.
    do the following:
    put the meter on the ohms scale:
    go from the red on the battery to each red on the circut breakers. do one at a time. you should have 0 ohms. then do the same test checking for battery voltage there. go from the red on the breaker to the black on the battery. you should have battery voltage. if you do not have battery voltage or the resistance is high you have a problem with the red wire from battery side of the solenoid to the circut breakers(inspect for corrosion) if it is good then do the following:
    measure with meter across circut breaker for lead to one side and one to the other. you hould have 0 omhs no more than 1 ohm. if it is high then you have to replace circut breaker.if you wiggle the terminal ends on the circut breaker you sometime will get a lower reading. i would do then both!!! they go bad all the time.
    lastly measure on the ohms scale from the red/white on the circut breaker to the fuel pump. you should have 0 oms. if it is higher that 1 i would check the wire and terminal ends on the wires.

    if all check out ok then you have to disconnect the battery and then take the allen head screw out of the 40 pin side of the emm and check pin#40 and the brown at fuel pump for resistance. should be less than 1 ohm but wul like to see at 0.

    if that all checks out ok then you need to have your emm replaced. you can get one through us.

    hope this helps and i did not confuse you.
    ti think that you might find a bad circut breaker. I will keep my fingers crassed for you that it is not a emm.


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    Is there a safe way to apply power and ground to the fuel pump without affecting the EMM to verify it has good fuel pressure??

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    yes you can but only if you first name is AL.
    unplug the harness at the pump.take note of the brown and red/white wire terminal locations(will be the two outside wires) the brown is the ground and the red/white is the hot side(red,positive). if you have a old wiring harness it makes a nice test piece. if not some test lead will do but you have to be careful not to touch the other wires or else bye-bye sending unit(black and pink wires)
    Please leave the seat off for about 10 minutes in case of any fuel fumes that may be in the boat before doing this test. a spark Could be dangerous. it is also a good idea to open the hood and take out the front bucket as well.

    let us know what you find.
    has this engine ever been overheated? has the emm ever overheated?


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