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    Want to do Mods to 99 XL 1200

    I have a 99 XL 1200. Looking to do mods with out going in the motor. Any suggestions.

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    Riva stage 1

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    Well there is the must do mods....

    waveeater clips and PV couplings (1 hour and 100 bucks)
    intake grate (1 hour and 100 bucks)
    D-plate and chip (4-5 hours and 85 bucks)

    then i would get a pump plug kit (do this at the same time as the intake grate, 2 hours and 70 bucks)

    Next a modified rideplate( 4-5 mph gain for 475 bucks) and a new impeller (200-300 bucks and a couple hours)

    Then there is plenty after this... depends how much $ you have..
    good luck

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    Hi`I am thinking about getting my stock prop refurbished by Impros so its back to factory specs. Do you think this will be as good as buying a new one.

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    Just picked up a 99 1200xl with 71hrs on it . I actualy got it for FREE! Owner couldn't get it running and it was being sold with a 03 gp1300r which my friend bought ($1250!!!!!). ANYHOo I got it running and on the water today did realy well I thought considering... Got it up to 55-56 gps on one yr old gas and seafoam.
    I'm ok with the top speed but would like some more bottom end anyone have any proven suggestions I could preform for under $500 ? It seems to rev up to about 6000-6500 from the bar graph tach.
    Any advice is thanked

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