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    Who is running STX Stearing on their 15F

    I remember reading that someone has a STX (R) steering head on their
    15F and aftermarket bars.......

    Who is this and what is exact setup......

    I was looking for alternative to UMI's $$$$$ $piece

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    i have this on mine just remove steering pad and discard,remove handle bars and undo the 4 bolts of the neck...the stxr bolts straight back on.

    the stxr neck i s a touch shorter.

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    You're right the UMI setup is pricey, but the results are so worth it. I took the pad off at first, but the neck seemed too tall. Kinda like my RXPX is now. Anyway, put on the UMI, and wow. I now had so much more control, plus it looked really sweet. I went with the fathead setup and used Fly tapered bars. Save up for the UMI, you'll be impressed. Was about 600 bucks in 05.

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    I took a steering neck from a DXi (Put on back wards) and replaced the stock 15-F neck. I did put 28" UMI bars on with ODI grips (the only grips that I'll use now). This moved the bars forward and about the same height from seat as compared to stock. I too agree that this small chage made a BIG handling change for the better. I am way more comfortable hitting a sharp turn full throttle. I do have to add that I put on an auto drop nozzle. That may have helped too.

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