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    Uhhh,.....don't tell anyone,......

    We had a great time at the lake this weekend, except when I beached my boats for the night. I must have pulled them up too far and put the stern near the water line. When I got ready for my morning ride, the sterns where way down in the water, and both skis were filled with water.

    I enlisted help and idled them to the boat launch, pulled them out on the trailer, and pulled the drain plugs to clear out the lake water. After this we rode about 2 hours with no issues.

    Is there anything else I need to do, or check for, as far as water in the engine compartment?

    Also my VX had alot of water in it at the end of the day. I was wondering if the bilge fuse may have blown? Where would I find that?


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    I have got to have the record for the most reads with no responses. Thanks. Green Hulk rocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogpowr View Post
    I have got to have the record for the most reads with no responses. Thanks. Green Hulk rocks.
    Then I will destroy your chances for a record!

    I can't answer your question about fuses but...

    I have a HO and as I understand it, the VX is pretty similar aside from engine differences. I've found you can get plenty of water in the hull without issue, it takes a lot of water to get past the battery baffle or the intake, they design it to take on a good bit of water without issue.

    When I want to clean out the inside of the hull I jump off and unscrew the drain plugs in the back and wait for the ass end to get lower and lower. Then jump on and punch it and the jet suction+bilge pump will get it all out fast. (freshwater!!!)

    I really wouldn't worry about it. You idled back to the dock so your motor's probably fine, if you had run it mid to full throttle you would have been amazed at how fast the water got out of the hull.

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    I'm confused how water got in the boats. They should have been able to sit there for days without any problem.

    If they started and you ran them for a while they should be OK IMO.

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    I might have used that enlisted help to help me drag the up higher on shore and pull the drain plugs! IMHO

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