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    97 Seadoo XP Fuel/Oil coming out of exhaust

    The ski started bogging down whenever I gave it gas so I pulled it out of the water. When I connected the hose to it and gave it gas there is a fuel and oil mixture coming out of the exhaust which spurts out whenever I give it gas. Any Ideas???? HELP!!!!!!!! Thanks

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    It's not uncommon to see some black fuild coming out as it's just water mixed with carbon in the exhaust. But if you're certain it's fuel than try checking the carbs. On the top plate you will see the big round diaphragm cover with 4 screws holding it down. Take that off and remove the diaphragm, under it is a little flat metal tab which opens your needle vavle inside the carb. If it's up higher than the spec in the book, it's holding the needle vavle open for too long and will flood the engine.

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    Rave valves???

    Thanks but Can this have anything to do with rave valves?

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    I guess anything is possible. If your raves aren't opening as quickly as they should you will get a bog off the line. The raves should be cleaned twice a season. I know there was an update for the raves to correct some problems but I think that was on the earlier 96's. Try giving the local dealer a call and just ask if there are any updates for your raves. I read that before the updates on the 96's people were running on a time bomb, they could have blown up at any given point.

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