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    Rescue Voices: Every Day Heroes

    Houston man saves nephew, but drowns in Brazos River
    Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

    A Houston man drowned in the swift current of the Brazos River on Sunday after saving his 9-year-old nephew, who was pulled to safety by a stranger, authorities said.
    Francisco Garcia, 41, was in the water at Bryan Beach, near the mouth of the river, with his nephew on Sunday about 3:50 p.m. when the boy started to lose footing, said Freeport Police Department Sgt. Juanita Cardozo. She said Garcia also started to struggle in the undercurrent, and held his nephew above water.
    On shore, Garcia's wife and the boy's father — and their extended families — called for help as it became clear they were drowning, Cardozo said. A "Good Samaritan" on a jet ski was able to take the boy from the uncle and bring him to shore, said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Renee C. Aiello.
    The uncle disappeared under the water. His body was recovered at 6:20 p.m.
    Cardozo said Garcia's extended family had made an outing to the beach every year for the past six years.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Albuquerque man drowns at Conchas

    May 26, 2008 - 9:41PM
    By Chelle Delaney, Freedom New Mexico

    CONCHAS -- A 25-year-old Albuquerque man died Sunday in Conchas Lake after cliff diving near Conchas Dam, New Mexico State Police said.

    Julian Sanchez was diving with friends and did not come up from a dive about 4:30 p.m., said Sgt. Andy Tingwall, spokesman for the state police.

    His friends searched for him and called police, Tingwall said.

    Sanchez's body was found early Monday morning by a state police dive team, Tingwall said.

    The Office of the Medical Investigator has been contacted and will determine the cause of death, Tingwall said.

    In an unrelated event on Monday, a Conchas Dam rescue unit was called to assist a swimmer who was pulled out of the water by a friend about 12:30 p.m.

    Fernando Sabato, 19, of Albuquerque said he swam out toward the middle of the lake and could not swim any more.

    Sabato said his friends had to pull him from beneath the water.

    "My friend Floyd Garcia came and got me on a jet ski," Sabato said.

    Sabato was checked out by the EMS before he rejoined his friends.

    The Conchas Lake State Park camping areas were at near capacity and the beach areas were crowded with vacationers over the three-day Memorial holiday, said Dan. R. Rand, park superintendent.

    A visitor count is expected to be available today, Rand said.

    The Conchas Lake area also has a U.S. Corps of Engineers park area, as well as a private camp and private home and cabin rentals that are used by

    Conchas Lake is about 34 miles northwest of Tucumcari.

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    Kentucky Man Saves Two From Drowning In OceanPosted: 5:43 PM May 27, 2008
    Last Updated: 6:44 PM May 27, 2008
    Dave Spencer
    Email Address:

    It was the Burden family's first visit to Panama City Florida. They had just checked into their hotel and were settling in on the beach when 36 year old Terry Burden heard two calls for help.
    He says about 300 feet off shore he could see two heads bobbing in the water getting further and further from the beach.
    Burden says he acted on instinct, grabbed his seven year old son's boogie board and attempted to rescue the pair.
    As he came upon the 14 year old boy and his uncle stranded out at sea, he quickly learned that without more help he would be the third victim of the undertow.
    Meanwhile on shore, Burden's wife was frantically looking for someone to help, saying there were many around but no one willing to do anything.
    For thirty minutes the three people clung to the board waiting for help, finally a lifeguard came and pulled the 14 year old to shore.
    Then another rescuer on a jet ski pulled the two men safely to shore as well, putting a happy ending on an otherwise frightful day at the beach.
    Still, Burden says his family went on to have the greatest vacation of their lives saying fortunately, he only had to put his rescue skills to the test that one time.
    The family plans to return to Panama City as soon as they can.


    Captain of capsized boat feels lucky to be alive

    Reported by: Danielle Dubetz
    Photographer: Glenn Weston
    Last Update: 5/27 7:36 pm

    BOCA RATON, FL -- The Captain says he and his five passengers are lucky to be alive.
    The accident happened at the mouth of the Boca Raton Inlet on Monday.
    "It was just mother nature I mean, that wave was so big that when it went inside the boat it took the whole boat with it," that's how Juan Ras, the owner of the boat, explained how it happened.
    Monday, someone on shore captured the aftermath on video.
    Ras said he was trying to make it into the inlet with five of his friends on board when a wave took control.
    "It just flipped the whole boat and all of us were trying to get everybody together and with the waves it was kind of impossible," Ras said.
    Four adults and two teenagers were in the water, at least 100 yards off shore, with waves tossing them back out to the ocean. Ras said his only thought was to keep those he could reach above water.
    "I swam after them and I grabbed one of the boat cushions and I gave them that to hold onto and the other one I told them to climb on top of the boat," he said.
    A private jet ski saved one, another boat pulled two more from the water, then the Coast Guard arrived.
    "When I saw the coast guard I was relieved. But I was still in shock," said Ras.
    Two were taken to Boca Raton Community Hospital. Ras said it's remarkable everyone survived.
    Today, the nightmare comes crashing back like the unstoppable force that capsized his boat.
    "I kind of remember everything that went on yesterday. I hope nobody ever goes through that," he said.
    Ras said he doesn't know who the good samaritans were who came to the rescue yesterday. He wanted to thank them for helping save their lives.
    Ras said he's owned a boat for several years and has been in and out of the inlet at least 100 times but he said after yesterday, he doesn't know if he'll ever boat in this area again.

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    Brazos Rescue recounted

    Houston & Texas News Francisco Garcia insisted on the family's traditional trip to Bryan Beach.
    Family photo

    May 29, 2008, 12:41AM
    Jet Skiers recount boy's rescue in Brazos
    They pulled child from water, but never saw his relative there

    Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
    It started as a traditional Memorial Day weekend outing of boating and riding the Jet Ski on the Brazos River.
    It ended with Robby and Lisa Hart rescuing a 9-year-old boy from drowning in the murky and turbulent waters near Bryan Beach in Brazoria County. A relative of the boy drowned trying to save him.
    Since Sunday afternoon, Robby Hart cannot keep from replaying the incident in his mind.
    "The first night I dreamed about it a bunch," Hart, 51, of Santa Fe, said Wednesday afternoon from Destin, Fla., where he and his wife, Lisa, were on a business trip.
    The couple decided to take a spin on the family's Jet Ski on Sunday afternoon. While on the Jet Ski, a boater who was anchored in the river told them someone was in trouble.
    Being on a Jet Ski, Hart drove to the area where "someone needed help" rather quickly.
    "I saw the little boy's head go up and down. We got near him and told him to swim. He said, 'I can't,' " Hart responded with a stern, "You swim and swim hard."
    The boy, Rolando Juarez, of Houston, obeyed and Hart was able to grab his hand and pull him onto the Jet Ski.
    Hart said the boy was panicking and scared and told him his uncle was still in the water.
    "I never saw another person," Hart said. "I never saw anybody else."
    Francisco Garcia, 44, had tried to save his cousin's son and helped him stay afloat, but lost his life. His body was recovered hours later about 300 feet from where he went under.
    On the Jet Ski, Lisa Hart, 47, hugged the boy tight.
    Robby Hart said that when he and his wife were taking the boy to shore, the boy saw his mother running toward the shoreline. Hart maneuvered the Jet Ski close to the shore, but the boy was too scared to get into the water and walk the short distance to his mother. The Harts assured him that he could touch the bottom and then he jumped off.
    The Harts then went back to where the boy had been. There still was no sign of Garcia.
    Freeport Police Chief Jeff Pynes described Sunday's drowning as a "horrible situation." On Wednesday, the chief said his department would be posting more warning signs in both English and Spanish with the international symbol for no swimming.
    Pynes said his department has had a problem with the warning signs being vandalized. The chief, however, vowed to continue the effort. "If we have to keep putting up signs and it saves a person's life, it will be worth it," he said.

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    Dr. Xavier Escobar

    Capsized boat 'Good Samaritan' speaks

    Reported by: Tim Malloy
    Photographer: Blain Logan
    Last Update: 5/28 7:01 am

    Click on the video plater to the right to watch the story

    BOCA RATON, FL -- "I wasn't going out, it was too rough"

    Dr. Xavier Escobar grew up surfing off the Boca jetty. His decision to take out a friend's Sea Doo on Memorial Day at six in the evening was on impulse.

    When he swung out of the channel into the open sea, he heard screams. "They were in the middle of the break, with white water all around them."

    Escobar found himself in the middle of a frantic fight for life. Six people were thrashing in the Atlantic, their boat overturned. They were drowning in a rip tide a hundred yards offshore.

    Escobar swung the Sea Doo around and plucked a young boy who was gripping the bow of the violently heaving boat. "I went over to pick him up. He didn't respond. I yelled at him and pulled him in. He said his family was out there."

    By then the Coast Guard and Boca's Marine unit were circling the victims and pulling them from the water. Escobar went back out. "They looked at us like we were angels,” says Escobar.

    All survived. Two were hospitalized.

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