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    Impros Vs. Solas

    I'm sure this has been beat to death.
    Is repitching a Impros at stage 3 better than a blueprinted Solas ?

    I'm looking for top speed and not as much acceleration.

    I have heard the solas gives better acceleration but the impros has the top speed.

    What is this I hear of switching rods to use 3 finned impeller and using skattrak impellers ?

    Is this faster ? How much are the rod switchers ?

    I'd like to do this for the winter so trying to get in the leg work.

    Also any posts on pitchs that provide the best top speed for the rxt with a stage I.

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    Rod switchers??? Are you talking about the coupler drive shaft from Rotax Racing that enables you to run a 3 blade Skat Trak prop in a Skat pump? That driveshaft assembly is $1600 alone and is only necessary on the mega HP units.

    The best prop for top speed on your RXT would be a stock RXP prop pitched to a 12/19.5 by Impros. Board member 05limited just found this out with amazing results.

    I prefer a PPG pitched Solas for amazing acceration. It's got good top speed too! Im running 77+ with a PPG pitched Solas.

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    I might also add that the pump assemble that goes with that shaft is anouther $1800. It comes with pump venturi nozzle with three size inserts, steering nozzle with auto trim and prop of your choice.
    I sure hope Hulk is right about the prop from impros, mine was shipped yesterday should have it tomorrow and test it this weekend.

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    There are som3 old post on the other boards with people getting a 1 to 1.5 mph faster with the stock repitched fomr Improvs. Befor I got my Solas I talked to Dave and Glen and they both told me that yes the stock 12/19.5 will probly be a mile faster but the repitched Solas will blow it away out the hole and out of hard turns. And yes it does. The acceleraton was night and day. Hey do what some guys are doing order the Solas and when you get it in mail the stock off and you will have the best of both and test them out. it took two pitches to get my right where I wanted it. I wanted more acceleration and midrange pulll

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