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    What is best Ride Plate for this set-up?

    milled head, IR carbs, Nu-Jet impeller, Riva sponsons in the middle, R and D intake grate.

    Currently I have an old, beat to hell R and D ride plate with horrible gouges on it, two big dents on the end piece, and stress fracture lines in it as if its about to crack in half. I have been running it with a 3 degree exit and it gets 68 mph, but I am going to put the 5 degree back on it after I plug up some holes.

    I don't know how much I would benefit from any modification of a stock ride plate and how much handling would be sacrificed.

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    I'm not sure how deep the gouges are, but Jim's Performance can machine it for you and possibly remove some of the blemishes. Top notch service.

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    spend the cheese and call Jim..... Best plate out there bar none......... tested all of them not a one even close...................................

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    sory didnt mean to jack your thread but it may be benificial for the two of us.. can jim do his FF mod on any plate. cause if i were in calm i would send him the stock one to modify and since i usually ride really rough water i would send him the extended shreadmaster to mod.. this is the one thing that confused me thanks

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    Islandboy, The best Jims plate for any kind of chop is the modded R&D one i'll let you try mine out when i get it installed...

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    have u tested this ? i would love to do some testing down here. and try yours out... chop up there is like duck pond here lol.. will be interesting to se how it rides. let me know thanks. i kno tanny has a shred and its wicked too.. but my question is can jim do his magic on a shred master too?

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    in rough chop the stock plate (unmodified) is very good

    one of the best rough water plates is a Shred (again unmodified)

    most of the modifications involve increasing the rideplate angle, once you do this handling in the chop gets worse (not better)

    in flat water the role of the rideplate is to get the front of the ski out of the water to reduce hull drag

    in rough water the role of the plate (and trim tabs) is to keep the front of the ski down in the water so the ski doesn't bounce or porpoise

    look for the links at the bottom of this thread, I did all sorts of testing on this a couple years ago

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    I rode my non ported 06 ski 20 miles in the ocean sunday with a group of 20 other skis, in 3-4 foot swells. No waves whitecapping over just nicely spaced swells. With a 1200 grate, jims ff plate set at 980 and tabs shimmed .100, running with trim down 1 clik, this thing was a monster. I had air of 10-12 feet at times with perfect, tail down landings, and hook up like mad. Razor sharp handling is necessary to ride like this. With jims plate and my sonic boom midrange punch it was an awesome ride. I shot out of the trough of the wave like a rocket and didnt wipe out once in 20 miles..

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    I was contemplating the FF plate, set for rough water, but it seems after reading Philip's testing, the Shred is tops. Too bad it scrubs off so much speed on the smooth stuff.


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