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    Metal Washers

    Hello, i was reading around and saw that all of you RXP/RXT guys recomend changing the washers to metal. Which washers are these? What do they go to? And finally, what is the reason for doing this? Thanks guys!

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    Im sure your going to be told to go and do a search to figure this out but ill fill you in on as much as i know considering I just got mine done not but 2 days ago.

    The washers on either side of the gear on the supercharger shaft are ceramic washers when they come from the factory prior to 2008 I believe. At any point these ceramic washers can essentially explode into many little pieces which are then sent directly into the engine internals. If this were to happen a full engine tear down would be in order. If you send your Supercharger to Jerry, he will replace your ceramic washers with metal washers in which you will no longer have to worry about. From what i understand from reading around on these forums is that the 4 strokes are essentially bulletproof except for those washers.

    If any information is incorrect please correct me.

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    Check the links to the left "SC Clutch Failure" & "SC Rebuild Service". When inside the "rebuild service" link, there's a link to where the metal washer are sold, and a picture of where they are located around the supercharger gear.

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