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    New 2008 speedster 150 sc Red/Black in my driveway


    I just received my new 150 speedster

    I can't wait to try it !!!

    I have a quick question : I received ONLY one DESS key (black with white letters (sea-doo DESS)) with my boat. Is this normal ?

    I will post pictures as soon as my boat hit the water !

    See ya !
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    I only received one with my '07, but it's black. A white one almost sounds like a "learning key" that will limit your performance, but as for as I know, they don't distribute learning keys with the boats. You'll know for sure after you open it up after a couple of hours, if it does or does not rev over 7000rpms. I have heard of one story with a ski, where the dopey dealer initially gave him the learning key, and said he could have the real key when he comes in for the 10 hour maintenance (bad!). Surely this is not the case with you, but it does make it confusing if BRP is going to have a white learning key for the ski, but now the real key is going to be white for the boats.

    Oh, and congrats on the boat! I am hounded by compliments everywhere I go with mine, like I'm towing a Ferrari.

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    Ya I got a black key to and I told the dealer I wanted a learner key for new riders they threw it in and it was white and it doesnt let the engine rev above 5,000 . Good luck

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