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    Proper Choke Start Up?

    Started up the SLX again today, and it made me think of a question about the choke.... Ive always started it by pulling the choke, and holding the throttle open, while hitting the starter for 4 or 5 seconds. Usually starts right up after the second time or so... My question is... should I have to be holding the throttle as well, just simply holding the choke? If the engine hasnt ran in a week or so, how long should it take for the engine to typically start up, assuming all is good with the engine? And nope, at the moment at least, not interested in getting a primer kit... Spent enough money in the last month on it as it is!

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    Their all differen't, usually I just pump the throttle once pull choke up and hit starter and she fires up.

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    Depends how well tuned the engine is.

    Pumping the throttle with Mikuni carbs won't do anything. Only the Keihins have an accelerator pump.

    Get the primer kit, it's only $26 and easy to do. Makes much easier to start.

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    I was also wondering the same thing with my 2 skis... I've been looking into getting primer kits, where exactly does the hardware need to be installed on keihin carbs? I have tried searching for it but no luck. Is it a matter of drilling into the carb body and tapping threads so that the new little primer jets can go in?

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