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    96-97 GTX low rpm miss

    ok I'm trying to figure out a bug in the GTX...lil help might be needed.
    took it out to the lake today to set the carbs, I just rebuilt them this spring new needles and seats the shebang. pop off pressure is correct and the needles are 2.0 (if memory serves me correctly) and the motor is bone stock
    now here is the problem it has developed a low rpm miss/stumble.
    the high side runs pretty good around 6500 at WOT and by the speedo 53-54mph. it'll start on the first hit of the switch idles right at 1450-1500 with out touching the throttle, it hesitates when hammering the throttle but once it gets above the 3000 range it moves right on out....
    I also rebuilt my 93xp and it runs like a raped ape I mean like a scalded raped ape the lil buggar has never ran this good since I bought it 2yrs ago, I also switched it over to pre-mix.
    enough of that, I tried messing with the low speed adjusters going in a half turn and out but no noticable difference in the 1500-3000 rpm range.
    last year if memory serves me right the ski started running rough but I thought that was due to the holes in the diaphrams. which is why I rebuilt the carbs in the first place.

    now here are the things done to the ski since I have owned it.
    first thing I did was to change out all the grey fuel lines and clean the selector valve,
    I cleaned the raves
    I fixed the fuel sender now the gauge works!
    new plugs
    replaced the rectifier with a used/working rectifier ( I was always getting the 12v low warning but the ski ran fine) no 12v low light adn the ski is charging @13.5v

    yeah I know long
    so here is what I'm planning on doing first thing tommorow.
    I was going to get new plugs but I have a set of newer ngk's I put in during the testing today and nothing changed
    gonna trim the plug wires
    going to pull the flame arrestor housing and re-check the carb bolts to make sure I dont have any loose that might cause and air leak.
    check out all the fuel lines and clamps
    going to check out the grounds.
    I'm also thinking of pulling the raves again to see how dirty they are
    going to re-check the high and low speed settings
    now should the high side be out 1/4 turn or so? I read a post on here that said one of them pto or mag side should be out a tad.

    so what else am I missing????
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    Stock N/S are 1.5,why did you use 2.0 ?? That alone would cause a running problem.

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    my bad n+s are 1.5 you are correct the 2.0's are in the 93xp...

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    What you are planning sounds good.

    Let it idle a few minutes and then pull your spark plugs. The missing cylinder should be much darker than the other. Finding which cylinder will help.

    Make sure you have both carb gaskets correctly installed. Sometimes when starting the top bolt the gasket can swing down before you get the bottom one installed.

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    ok I trimmed the wires, checked the ground, cleaned the raves they looked decent but I cleaned them anyway.
    I re-set the lowspeed jets to 1 1/4 turn out from zero and double checked the high speeds both were at zero.
    I also re-checked the carb bolts all were tight ( gaksets were good too) and yes I know very well what your talking about as far as the gaskets sliding down on you while trying to line up the holes( there's another one of those engineering brain farts bombardier sometimes has).
    I also changed the jet pump oil I know not the subject but I did it anyway and thank God I did it was burnt! dontcha just love the smell of burnt gear oil?????
    unfortunatly I wont be able to get it back to the lake till next weekend so we'll see how it goes..

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