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    Need some help please

    I have a riva free flow exhaust and i am looking to install it on my 07 gp 1300r. Can anyone direct me on where i could get instructions to install it? I know it is easy to do as I read but I am a noob when it comes to doing mods myself. Any help would be awesome! Thanks

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    just remove the stock sound supression and put the FF tube in its place.

    you will need to remove the CDI unit from the battery box and take the battery box right out to do this, once thats all out you have have access to the stock sound supresion, the FF goes from the waterbox onwards, just tilt the waterbox a little towards the left hand side of the ski so the FF tube meets up properly with its exit point.

    you should have 4 free hose clamps once you remove the stock sound supresion, use two of these left over clamps on each end of the FF tube so make sure it does not pop off

    hope this helps

    heres a pic of one installed.

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