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    Need help for tomorrow

    Well took the ski out for the first time this year after doing the following its a 2001 gp1200r 3 degree keyway, vf3's, Riva rec heads, dual fuel pickup mod, eliminated oil pump, carbs had accel pumps blocked and choke plates removed and jetted to 125 mains 110 pilots 1.5 ns and 95 gram spring. Have low speed set at 1 turn out and highs at 1 5/8 outs. R&D power plenum f/a, d plate, ff tube, 1200 R&D grate, shoe sealed, ppk, island racing mod 4 plate, ho pump with 14/20 dynafly jetworks mod, 85mm nozzle with bilge and visabilty spout blocked off. I was turning 7150 rpms on a tt, only showed a top speed of 69.8 on gps and hear is the bad part I am just spinning the hell outta the prop on takeoff. Just like a clutch slipping badly. I have to feather the throttle some to get it to grab then it takes off like it should. Would this be whats causing the low speed? I was expecting 75 with alittle tunning. I have 2 washers under the each front bolt on the rideplate. Its not hanging below the shoe acutally its sitting up about the thickness of a penny. I did notice that it was purposing alot unless I sat way back on the ski. The sponsons are stepped. I had the dealer do the ho pump conversion and stick the prop in that was last thursday and I stuck the pump in friday evening and used yamabond to seal it. What do you guys think the problem is?? I was hoping to have it straighened out for tomorrow afternoon. Thanx for the help

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    could it be that the three bond didnt have enough time to set (2 days) when I bolted the pump in??? I was thinking about going out and pulling it quick and just using some red rtv sealant that I have. Would that set up by tomorrow afternoon. Im not even sure that this is the problem but I def have some serious cavitation. Maybe I could just be spinning the prop that bad outta the hole but I highly doubt it and then what the deal with the really low top speed. I dont think I need I bigger prop, but I am sure I could prolly get some more rpms with some tuning and adjusting powervalves. Need some opinions.

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    sounds like you have a GP800R grate, if you send me a picture I will confirm it is a GP1200R grate

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    its def. the 1200 grate. I had this grate on for a year and only noticed this spinning problem after all the engine mods and redoing the pump.

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    How's the pump housing/wear ring. If you had the motor out you may have an alignment issue?

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    How's the pump housing/wear ring

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    The wear ring and pump housing all checked out ok according to the dealer you know I kinda think its an alignment issue. I was in such a hurry stickin the engine in last time I just eyed it up and cranked the motor mounts tight. Can I just loosen the motor mounts with the pump intalled and bump the starter a few times and let the engine seat itself? and maybe see if I can tighten the pump up alittle. I really didnt wanna have to pull the pump just cause What ever for gasket sealer I use wont have a chance to set up. Am I screwed for going out today??? Also would not being aligned correctly cause my slow top speed I am about 5 mph slower than I think I should be. Also as far as the engine not being aligned correctly do you think its more front to back or side to side. This will show me to rush installing things. Everything always comes back to bite you in the ass.

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    The engine misaligned won't cause the cavitation your describing.

    Need top look hard at the pump to make sure everything seated properly. May have RTV build up or too many alignment pins in there.

    What all did you change on the pump setup from last time out that it didn't cavatite??

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    Dropped the motor in since last year and I then installed my old pump a couple months ago to test the motor out and it was cavitating pretty bad but I didnt give the rtv sealant anytime to setup at all so I figured that was the problem. So I took my pump to the dealer to have them do the ho pump conversion and install prop and then I installed the pump with threebond to seal it up. I let it sit for about 40 hours before riding it. I am guessing maybe it didnt seal completely when I installed it.

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    would the pump cavitating on the low end be causing me to lose top speed? I am turning 7150 rpms is this enough with the 14/20 I am sure I could get some more rpms with some tunning

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