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Thread: "The big one"

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    "The big one"

    I'm 25 and for as far back as I can remember they have been saying we (people living in Ca) are due for "the big one" any day now. My dad says he has heard the same thing since he was a kid too.

    Everytime we have an earthquake all the news can talk about for months following is how "the big one" is comming and soon

    It must be a slow news day
    New earthquake research confirms the southern end of the San Andreas fault near Los Angeles is overdue for a Big One. The lower section of the fault has not produced a major earthquake in more than three centuries.
    Do you guys in other parts of the country have any recurring news "stories" to bump ratings and scare people?

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    Yeah,,,they`ve been saying that down here forever too. Guess what? It happenned.

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    move to the midwest

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    Tornadoes in the midwest. You're probably safest from any kind of disasters in Virginia... nothing seems to happen there.

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    You get used to the tornados.Kinda a way of life .Storm rolls in ,you take cover,come out when its done....Then you hope your house is still there

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