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    Red face RXT-X Mode Result

    Hello all... I got the new RXT-X and i have don some mode to it i like to shir the result with you all and if you have any suggestion to improve pleas tell me ...

    here is the Mod i have don to it

    *RIVA reduction Nozzel now i set @ 81m
    *RIVA Air intake
    *RIVA Thermostat.
    *Race Engineering Block off for RXT-X
    *RIVA Pro-Series Sponson Kit for RXT-X
    *R&D RXP Extended Pro Steering Nozzle
    *Exhaust Kit, Free Flow, SD RXT-X (255)
    *Solas 15/22R for RXT-X (just got it ..not installed yet)
    *Incoming (Rotax Racing Supercharger Impeller & Spacer for X model)
    *Incoming (RIVA RXP-X/RXT-X Top-Loader Intake Grate)

    Best speed (67.5 Mile)
    Top RPM (7850 RPM)

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    Your RPMs are low. Optimal range is 8000-8050. There's still speed left to be unleashed

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    Change the ring to 83mm.

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