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    Engine Run Away At Idle

    I rebuilt a set of Polaris sl780 carbs. When I start the engine it idles for a sec good and then starts to pick up revs and run away. I can use the choke to bring the revs down and control it.

    Can anyone help me to fix this? And what must I do?

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    If you just built the carbs, they may not be filled with fuel yet and running lean, run it a little longer on the hose or better yet in the water and see if the idle comes back down.
    If it stays high, I'd start checking for an air leak.

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    Check and make sure there is slack in the cable,you may not have it routed right.tjere should be a little slack,look and see if the butterflys are all the way closed.

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    Thanks for the respons its a great help!!!

    The cable have a slack and the butterflys are close

    The carbs have feul I make sure of it. We going to check for air leaks today. Hope we can get it going the kids makes me crazy

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    If I start mine up out of the water, it will do the same thing. Not real fast, but it will. I have to control it with a blip of the throttle or give it a touch of choke.

    It is fine in the water, and I found no air leaks.

    In my situation, I just live with it......especially since it is designed to be running with a load (in the water).

    You should verify that you don't have an air leak though, a small air leak can show it's face out of the water. The same small air leak might not have any signs in the water but could be enough to burn it down.

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