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Thread: Hull Strength?

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    Hull Strength?

    So this yacht came through the river today, and created HUGE wakes. I got at least 4ft in the air and slammed down hard! How tough is the hull??

    What are some do's and don'ts for jumping wakes/waves? Any proper technique? The sound of the hull slamming down on the water sounds like I landed on concrete and like the hull will break into pieces!

    How rough can you be with this beast as far as waves/wakes are concerned?

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    These hulls are pretty strong my friend wave jumps his ultra all the time..and i jump my gpr everytime i ride also..the most important thing to remember is try to land the ski on it's ride plate. It saves the hull from hitting the water too hard.
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    I think we have the strongest hull made. It better be for its weight.
    I think its filled with concrete

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    great hull desing

    I fully agree that it's very strong hull, man yesterday I jump like never before and I land with very big force I thought I was going free fall not riding in water and I heard and feel the impact of my bad landing like exactly Iím landing in a hard sand I thought I hit some stone at beginning and finally I recognize I'm still in the water. I check the ski after a ride all things found normal. thanks that it's ultra 250 not my privies seadoo with cracked and leaking hull Iím sure if it's my seadoo it will remain in pieces
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    When waves are below 10 feet I jump all the time with no issues what so ever. These hulls are as tough as nails!! Now ask me about my 1200 STXR what a paper thin hull. Back on topic, When I did the 100 hr service and took out intercooler and saw how solid everything is in there, I started getting more agressive with my jumping waves. If you time it right and have great throttle response like this ski does, you almost everytime land on the transom or rideplate. I have been about 10 feet in the air (sorry no pics) and went in and checked my ski closely and could not even find a stress crack that stx hulls tend to have, though under the seat has some paint blemishes which happened when I was jumping with my kids on the back of the ski. This hull is SOLID!!!

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    I love big air too, and often hit 2-3m out of the chop have jumped a few wakes of a commercial fast cat making 3m waves, felt like I was flying, make sure you land tail in if you can, pick the waves and jump from top to top don't need top speed up a wave just hard acceleration. use the force (throttle) luke......

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    And wear some protection.A 2meter threw me on the ski and then off and i got 5-6 bruises this weekend.Arm,leg,azz....
    Thanx to Jetpilot Baller my ribs are ok.
    It was another no Sea-Doo day

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