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    08 Challenger 180, First Time Out, Problems

    Hi .. I'm new here and this is my first post. Unfortunately it's not for a good reason. We just purchased a 2008 Sea Doo Challenger 180. We took it out last Tuesday with the dealer and went over everything and today we took it out to just cruise around and work on the break in. Various speeds (keeping it under 6k) and just enjoying being on the water with some family. There were 6 of us in the boat. Just before we hit the 3 hour mark the boat started choking and would seriouly bog down to the point where I thought it might stall. We headed for the dock but were about 2 miles away. I could run it around 3k rpm and it would put along okay but with the current against us we weren't making very good progress. If I ran it up to 4k or 5k it would run okay for about 10 seconds and then start to bog down again. I thought maybe something was in the intake under the boat so we got it finally to the dock and as we were loading it there started to be smoke from the back of the boat. I shut it down, pulled it out and crawled under it, nothing in the intake. We're supposed to go out with some friends tomorrow but not I'm afraid to put it back in the water and then NOT make it back to the dock. Any ideas? Suggestions? I'm really hoping this doesn't ruin our Memorial Day weekend. Also I check the oil and cooland and they're both good.

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    So I just talked with a Sea-Doo technician and it really sucks because they said that something in the engine communicatinos didn't come back right and tripped the computer into a limp home mode and I talked to him on his cell phone and he won't be into the dealership until Tuesday and it has to be connected to a computer, checked and then cleared. So pretty much we're SOL for the rest of the weekend. He said the causes are probably something simple like overheating, bad fuel, or something else. He doesn't think it's something major. Just sucks that if one of those things happen then you have to tow it back to the dealer. There isn't exactly a dealer close to me. It's an hour hike to get to the lake which is where the closest dealer is. At this point I'm almost tempted to just trade it in with only 3 hours on it. Probably half the time I use this boat will be up at our cottage in northern Canada where there isn't even a gas station (aside from the litle marina) for over 30 miles. Arg .. I'm really aggrivated now with this boat.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck man, hope you get it figured out.

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    The C180 are not known to have problems on them, so yes it just might be an isolated issue, that should be easily resolved.

    I got an 05 C180 and it is about to the 125 hours mark right now....never had any problem with it, since few weeks it is now to stage 2 and everything still seem to be right on it. Don't panic to fast on that issue, it just might be a simple thing and since the boat is brand new it is true that it might just have put itself into a safety limp mode in case of bad communication error.

    Let us know how it turns out.

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    Possible Solution?

    I talked with a seadoo tech on the phone and he said that from what I described it fouled a plug. He gave me step by step instructions to change the plugs (which I'm mechanically inclined so it's not a problem) and the part number but nobody carries them. They are all out of stock, even the marinas that are open don't have any which sucks. I was told to not put in an alternative plug as it would void the warranty. This is what he told me to get...

    And to gap it .028-.031in.

    Does this sound like a reasonable problem? I hope so.

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    Try Napa 4339

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    I checked all the plugs and they are all at the required gap setting and they all look nice and clean. So I'm guessing it's something else. Any ideas?

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    I checked all the plugs and they are all at the required gap setting and they all look nice and clean. So I'm guessing it's something else. Any ideas?

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    Have that boat checked by a dealer, anyway it is still on warranty.
    He will be able to pull the fault code in the ECU.

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    I talked with the dealer where I bought the boat this morning and I'm dropping it off tomorrow morning for them to look at. He said that he's not sure what it is and he doesn't think it's in limp mode but should be able to figure it out rather quickly once he's got his hands on it. I hope so. I'll post up the results as I get them.

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