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    Crankshaft tool?

    Does anyone know if the impeller tool is the same as the tool for the output coupler on the crankshaft? My crank is at Falicon and they do not have the tool to remove the output coupler and I did not realize it was threaded on. I guess when I get home I can hold the imp. tool up to the shaft....

    This is apparently the first 4-Tec crank they have seen, what do you guys think? A crank is a crank right? If they have the specs for the 4-TEC it should be no different from any other repair they do...correct?

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    a crank is a crank is a crank. You just need to get them the tool. I don't think its the same as the impeller tool though.

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    its not the same

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    The gtx 185 smaller shaft tool works. the original 4tec.

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    Thanks, got one ordered from PPG supposed to be drop shipped to Falicon.

    if anyone needs the info part #529-035-820 $29.47 it does show in the desc. impeller tool GTX

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