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    2003 SC Air Intake Help

    Ok guys - am finally home & wreching on the 2003 SC to get Jerry's rebuilt SC into my ski.

    What a mess in the back - sure wish I'd ordered the Gibson to get rid of all those exhaust snakes in the aft engine bay!

    Anyway - definitely need to free up the air intake. Can I get rid of all the plastic hoses/ducts all the way to the front w/o problems? and what do I do about the formed hose on the front assy that runs to the front of the engine?

    Also - what purpose does the rear vent hose serve - can that be removed as well? I assume the front vent should be left as is to insure air moving thru the engine bay - correct?

    Thanks guys!

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    well getting rid of the exhaust opens up enuf room for a squirrel family of 7 to live comfortably.

    The air intake is a lot of fun to pull out. Kinda like getting a square peg out of the roun hole. It sure can be removed when installing a 4 inch set up.

    As you are moving along the air rushing by the ski enters the ski in the front and makes its way to the rear. Withthe help of the external air flow and the air flow in the ski that big fat hose will allow the hot air to be sucked outup through the cross frame and over board. How much air gets out is a good question but a number of 3 seater owners have made that cross frame look like swiss cheese to allow more air flow.

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