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    Out of State Sale and Paperwork

    I sold my GSX to a guy in Shrevport and it is really turning into a hassle.

    Has anybody here who lives in Louisanna ever bought a ski from someone in Texas and if so what paperworks are needed.

    And or any info on selling out of state


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    Every state is different.

    As an example: Arizona is a "Non-titled State" for boats. If you buy a boat from AZ, you get the AZ Game and Fish paperwork, and NO TITLE. The owner never got one. OTOH, California is a Titled state, and actually charge you for capital property ownership.

    The states are all aware of each other's requirements, so EITHER ONE OF YOU, can go to your perspective offices and find out what the other needs.

    Usually the "hassle" involves liens and such. You can't sell what you don't own.

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    i sold a ski to a guy in shreveport last month... and i live in NY!

    he mailed me a bill of sale as required by his DMV, i signed it and had it notorized, mailed it back to him with my signed registration, and it was a done deal....

    i'ev sold skis out of state, internationally, across the country... the first time u do this stuff it's intimidating, but it's pretty easy after u learn the logisistcs.

    what problems are you having, let's see if we can get you on track.....

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    Mike, all you need is a signed and notorized bill of sale in the State of Louisiana.

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