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    2000 Virage TX no spark

    I have a Polaris that has no spark. I have tested the lanyard, black/yellow is good, even disconnected it and no spark.
    I have try with the grey wire disconnected and no spark. I also did the 9 volt battery connected to check the stator and this also shows not good. i cant beleive that everything inside the box is bad. One other thing to mention is that the MFI stays on and only way to shut it down is pulling off the connector. Any leads I welcome as I losing my hair with this ski.

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    nut, WELCOME to the Green Hulk forums!!
    If the stator checks bad, replace it and see if you get spark. Be sure the stator is bad though, as it could be the CDI giving you a problem.
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    Well my problem is I dont have any parts to check with. I deal mostly with Yamas and took this in so I cand only check via text manuals. I will give it a try again and see if I can find anything else. Is there a way to test the regulator?

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