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Thread: 2002 STX-R Q's

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    2002 STX-R Q's

    I'm likely going to be buying an STX-R this weekend. Anything i should out for? The one thing it doesn't have is mirrors. Anyone know how to add some on. We like to pull our kids alot and mirrors help when we don't have a spotter to stay legal. It will have aftermarket sponsons, ride plate and impeller. thanks.

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    Well, theres some discussion that the 02 had a 14 gallon gas tank and it was hard to get the full 14 gallons of gas in. The stxr is a gas hog and if your going to pull people it gets worse mileage, if you cant fill it fully you may be refilling it alot. There has also been discussion that some 02's had a weaker hull and suffered from some cracking on occasion from wave jumping. Now for the good, the skis holeshot and midrange is impressive and the top speed of 62 isnt too bad. The ski feels light and nimble for a 3 seater because it weighs like 640 pounds and thats just 25 pounds more than the ultra 150. The engine is pretty much bullet proof too. Ive got an 04 and love it but with a 16.4 gallon tank I can only go about 60-65 miles tops with normal riding. Hope this helps.

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    One thing to look out for is cracking oil lines. It uses the same engine setup as the ultra. Best bet is to change them or ask when they were changed last. The mirrors are probably the same as the ultra check with kawi. If so they can be picked up on ebay cheap you would just need to paint them.

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    Look for the ultra DI mirrors I think they are already white....and the ultra mirrors..

    Of course you will have to make your own holes..

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    Things to look for.........

    Look for cracks in the gel coat. That hull is built for racing. If that boat was ridden hard in the chop, could have hull damage.

    Look for crack around the front motor mount. Biggest failure point for the 2002 model year.

    You will need to tip the front of the boat up to fill the tank. Not a big deal. I top mine off at the ramp. Pisses people off sometimes.

    I love mine. Had it since july of 2003. Very light for a three seater.

    Always run a compression check before buying anything used. Pull the plugs and check for gray deposits. That's aluminum oxide and that ain't good.


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