Hey all. I new to the whole owning a ski. I recently bought 2-'05 RXT's. 1 works great at 22hrs. Other runs great(18hrs)too. However I bought them used and the previous owner said fuel sensor was bad and just needed to be replaced. It pops out code P-0463. I've already replaced the fuel lever sensor, after checking the basics first with no luck. Ie:
checked fuse, connectors, and wires I could see with out riping everything out. I'm getting 11+ volts at the fuel modual connector and there's about 4" of fuel in the tank(same as the other and it shows 3-4 lines). All the info that I can find is saying to check the things I already have and replace the sensor if nothing else is found and still not getting a fuel level reading.

After a code is shown do you have to take it and get it taken/cleared by the dealer's B.U.D.S system? or What am I missing?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
I'm adding my email, basically I might not be able to get access to here again. Thanks for your help

Thanks again