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    1100 Rebuild or replace

    I have an 1100 Waveventure with a seized bone stock motor. Should I rebuild it or should I replace it with a rebuilt unit. Where should I purchase parts or rebuilt motor? If I decide to rebuild what else should I replace while the motor is out. I will be replacing the impeller with a Solas Super Camber "I" and a R&D aquavein grate. I also will be rebuilding the carbs as well. I am very mechanically inclined but am not very familiar with PWCs. I am,however, familiar with two strokes but something tells me that this a different animal.

    Thanks in advance

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    it's not really a different animal! as a matter of fact it can be rebuilt without any special tools! if u want a chepo replacement look at SBT but if you want a good running long life motor build your own! new crank 499 piston and gasket kit 300 cylinder bore 150 , 3 carb kits 120 reeds? 140 just for an idea what a full rebuild would cost

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    Where is the best place to buy the parts?

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    check ur pm and see the classified in this section I bumped a link for the crank Z

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    i will have a tim judge ported 1100 bored to 1200 motor for sale in about a week if you decide to go that route

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