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Thread: Gel Coating

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    Gel Coating

    How does this process work on a used Ski.
    If you were to get the whole bottom re-done what would they do, what is the process . Anyone every do this temeselves or had it done?

    If so whats the price roughly?


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    i'm having this done to my ski as we speak. a little "performance" work to the hull at the same time... but they sanded down the gelcote and are re-spraying the whole bottom of the ski.

    if u want to match the OEM color..... is the source

    i didn't have the room or equipment to take this task on myself and figured this would be one thing better left to a pro with experience.

    u looking to fix certian areas, or re-do the entire bottom?

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    You need a nozzle (tip) on your gun to shoot gelcoat. Its much thicker than paint.

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    I use a gravity feed HVLP gun with a 2.2 tip and it's not really big enough but does OK on spots and something as small as a ski. It's a lot of work spraying gel cote and even more sanding it smooth and polishing it. When the ski is built they spray the gel cote inside of a mold and it comes out shiny, it doesn't work that way spraying it on a hull.

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