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    Disadvantages with running tripples

    I've read most of the information here about tripples, but just wondering what would make you NOT want to use tripples?


    P.S. Ski specs below, and mainly use it in the surf for (hard) social riding, but also around a racetrack occasionally.

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    Reliability problems, more maintenance and more difficult to tune than a single pipe set-up.

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    What do you mean by Reliability problems? And once it is setup/tuned shouldn't it stay that way?

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    Pipes rubbing on things, pipes breaking, do you ride in smooth or rough water? I've had my ski 6 years and I'm still tuning it
    Shorter time between engine rebuilds as well.

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    I think there easier adjust the carbs most definently. They just have alot of hoses and clamps and springs that you have to keep ur eyes on and make sure they stay tight.

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    they are also prone to cracking and are quite different to tune comapred to a single from what i have been told.

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    once your been there!!,there no turning back ,but with the cracking issue and the influx of 4 strokes how long of factory pipes going to warrant there warranty ,this is my MAJOR concern !!!!!
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    Will they fit in an XLT hull?

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    Not sure how many of you have actually run pipes, or are going on a horror story you heard.
    Well... I have had myself, FPP trips on 2 GPR and 2 Polaris.

    An extra 30-50 'real' hp and 600-800+rpm is hard to beat/match on a gpr.
    No denying it, a set of tuned expansion chambers is the one biggest performance gain you can get from any 2-stroke. FPP did a very good job of this with the GPR.

    No matter what you do to a single piper, a properly set up triple with similar/same setup will kill it.

    IMO attention to detail and install setup is everything.

    Yes, you should do a pre ride under the seat inspection on any ski imo.
    Yes, on a triple pipe there are more hoses, pipes to potentially leak.

    If you intend to do big ocean wave jumping every time out, and consistently come crashing down hard from the stratosphere, the heavy duty springs are a must. And be ready to break things... single pipe or triple.

    Attention to detail, is the difference from a long lasting triple or one that is always needing attention/repairs.
    Details such as trimming the front engine mount for extra pipe clearance.
    Moving the electrical box back for extra pipe clearance.
    Using the right hose clamps, routing/mounting all the hoses/pipes correctly AND securely, is very important to a no problem long lasting install.
    Hoses flopping around will leak eventually.
    Pipe mounts not spaced properly and rubber mounts stretched out or overly compressed will fail and or put undue stress on your pipes.

    These pipes are not solid mount.
    They are spring secured slip in manifolds and rubber lord mounted pipes. These pipes are designed move and give a little, and if they hit anything they will rub thru or crack.
    Again this can be prevented by a good detailed install.

    Cooling Water pressure is also very important.
    Triple pipes are more sensitive to water to pressure changes than a single piper. Some like to run their pipes with very little water and very hot for added performance. I have found this to be an on the edge setup and prone to cracked pipes, but Yes, a hotter pipe is faster... till it cracks.

    I like to have lots of cooling water going thru my pipes. IMO the little I loose from the lower pipe temps is made up for with more over-run rpm....for me, on a recreational boat.

    To sum it up, for me, a well thought out triple FPP install is a dependable, reliable set up that pulls to 7800-8000rpm with arm wrenching mid range and top end, that can't be beat by a similar set up single piper.

    If your looking for a bolt on and go install, then stay with the single imo.
    If you want to take the time to plan out your install.
    Do some research and take the time to step back and think about every aspect of your install, you will be rewarded with the fastest non hybrid gpr platform.

    Tuning a triple is a thing of beauty.
    If you know how to tune carbs, then on a gpr you will be in heaven without that anaconda of a single pipe in the way of all the carbs.

    Check out this pic for easy carb access of the mixture screws.
    I love running WOT, seat off, hand on the high speed screws, power tunning each cyl for max rpm

    My last experience with FPP... took 2 weeks to get warranty NEW pipes.
    This was with a used set of stripped, dented/ almost rubbed thru, welded pipes i bought off a forum member and got a leaky pto in the deal.
    FPP warrantied, no questions asked and they payed for return shipping. This was about a year ago. Got to love Lifetime warranty on performance pwc parts ...Hope this FPP gpr warranty policy has not changed.

    Bill, they will fit a xlt.

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    Very well said.
    EXACTLY right.
    I also ran lots of water through mine, but ran it from the head, so that it was nice and hot. Never had a pipe crack.

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