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Thread: New ski choice

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    New ski choice

    First of all...I wanna say hi all. Over the last few months i been doing some studying up on skis and will be purchasing a ski in the next 2 months or so. I'm a lil stuck at the moment on what to get though. I'm looking into getting something thats reliable, comfortable, and suits the lake conditions by me the best (lake michigan). I'm hoping to get some unbiased opinions so i will post in the other threads too. The rxp-rxp-x, ultra 250, and fx SHO are the choices. I like the ultra 250, but am a lil weary about hearing about all the GIO issues going on...I really like the rxp-x for the power and glitz but then again i hear their SC like to take poops cause of the ceramic washers and metal bearings and i really dont like the fact that its only a 3cyl....I was looking into the SHO and it seems like they are a comfortable ride along with power.I also found out awhile ago that they were pushed back due to a recall with the shaft. I understand all these PWC have their quirks and all, and in a way it concerns me, but i wanna hop into this sport and rip up some water, so please give me a lil help and throw some opinions out there. Thanks.

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    Welcome W8, I went through the same process a couple months ago and bought the 250x, no regrets.... heck, I'm even giddy about my selection when I'm riding it. (my buddy has the new RXT X and we've traded boats) I much prefer the riding style of the hull and handling on the 250x. I've been out for two runs this year on the Mississippi with my 08, no issues. It's like anything else, you'll hear more about the problems (gio) than not. If you read back there was one thread on GH about how many did or did not have GIO issues on the 07, when I read that I was surprised on the small percentage that had the problem. (not trying to minimize the issue for those of you that do have the problem) Based on this I went ahead and got the 250 and would do it again tomorrow if I were making the decision again.

    Good luck,

    (Current Polaris and former Yamaha owner)

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    thanks for the input steve

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    Hey man,

    I was in the same boat a few months ago. I also did research b/w the rxp, rxt, fx sho, and 250. I made an excel spreadsheet and my variables to compare were: weight, HP, Fuel capacity, storage capacity, engine size (cc), type of hull (for the rough water). the ultra came out on top in the comparison, with the highest fuel capacity, cc's, storage capicity, best hull. Only 5 HP less than rxp. 100lbs heavier than rxp, rxt. (the only reason rxp pulls away).

    Also, I completely agree with you about the fact that the rxp only has 3 cylinders. Yes, the rxp will slightly pull away from the ultra in CALM WATER. If you happen to be out on slightly rough water, you will be the top dog out there hands down.

    I looked at the fx sho up close and that thing is HUGE. That is made for luxury riding for long trips and what not...put it this way, ultra=corvette, fx sho=cadillac. In my opinion, i only see older riders on the thing, with their brittle wives.

    RXP,RXT looks funky from the front to me. Ultra looks mean. they also look very uncomfortable.

    My unbiased opinion....

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    I own the 250X, have ridden the SHO, RXP-X, and will ride the RXT-X this coming weekend.
    You have already read the excellent handling in the chop for the 250x. Acceleration is also good. I didnít get a chance to race the SHO with my 250x, I'm kicking myself for not doing that comparison. I WILL however test the 250x against the RXT-X. We will be doing some ocean riding. I did like the SHO, it felt MUCH more nimble than the 250X, but felt very light in the chop, meaning, UNHOOKING. The ski felt like it would hit the peak power point, then just flatten out. I didnít really like that. On my 250x, when I hit my peak power, I can still feel the ski pulling in the rough. That was not the case for the SHO. Flat water, the ski was great, I carved it up a little bit, it felt AS nimble as my 15F! It was comfortable, the trim was cool, the NO WAKE button was great. The glove box flew open on a WOT run. The ski felt stable as well.
    I rode the P-X at the world finals last year. Man, its QUICK..I was expecting a little bit more, but none the less, it was a quick boat. Your comparing apples with oranges though. The X-p is a 2 seater, the others are 3 seaters. Like comparing a drag boat with a CC boat. Totally different setups! You have to research the new SC for the Sea doo, I hear they are MUCH better. Who know, time will tell. I'm sure the Sea Doo guys will tell you all need to know.
    I will give my report for the RXT-X after this weekend's run.
    The 250X is by far NOT the fastest ski on flat water. If that is your primary riding condition, you will be disappointed. Get the Sea Doo. If you ride in a variety of conditions, where it gets choppy, you MAY want to look into the 250. I'd say try to ride the different ski's prior to purchase. See what YOU like, and what feels comfortable to you.
    Good luck.

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    all the conditions im riding in will have some sort of chop to 4-6 ft rollers lol so yea there will for sure be chop....Thanks again guy for information...ur all great!!!!!

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    it really seems that the 250 would best suit me, but the GIO issue really concerns me....I realize it isn't anything serious but can turn serious if not tended to and by any means am i not lazy and would DEFINITELY take care of the issue to prolong my skiis health. But i don't wanna have to pay 10k+ for a pwc that I have to constantly be changing the oil every 15-20 hours when in reality its constantly jus costing me more on maintenance and possible problems down the line. I jus hope it doesnt become a reliability issue in the future. Hope you get where im coming from...

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    the '07 Ultras are the ones with the major GIO issues. Haven't heard of any later '08 models yet, but a few of the early ones. Me and a lot of other '08 owners have had no probs whatsoever.

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    Took my 04 GTX SC out last weekend while Ultra sidelined. Had not used ski in many months.

    GTX felt very nimble but took a while to get use to old style handlebars. I greatly prefer Ultra ergonomics and handling in chop but comparison probably not fair since GTX is 4 years old. (I did drool a bit when I finally saw 08 RXP-X up close with trick bars).

    Photo shows moderate mixed up chop in one of my favorite locations. Could slam right thru it on GTX but it took a bit more work.
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    thats some good chop for sure....I gotta agree with ya about the new p-x and t-x's they look really schnazzy and quick at that.

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