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    2006 rxt problem

    i have a new rxt (and rxp) and the rxt works fine and them the engine hesitates and then loses all power shudders and then stalls... then it wont go more than 20 seconds at idle and shuts down again...then i wait 10 minutes and it runs, but keeps hesitating like it loses fuel and then keeps shutting down...

    the guys at my dealer says it is bad gas, but they just put in 93 octane from a land pump and still the same problem when i got it back...although they water tested it for 30 minutes and it worked fine for them...

    any idea what the problem may be???

    ps... i am also having the same problems with my 06' rxp ...

    both unikts are under 10 hrs

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    Same problem
    2 different skis
    same gas!!

    Sounds like you may have gotten bad gas in both units.

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    i filled them up at different pumps

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