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    Talking newbie questions

    i just bought a 96 speedster .. i am not new to boating just always wanted a jet boat .... and i came across a deal i could not refuse .... but anyways .... i have a few tech question....
    1. what is the max rpm on these engines? it currently runs around 7000 at @ 52 -53 mph top speed which i beleave is the of the shelf top speed
    2. where is a good place to find so go fast goodies i.e. exhaust impelers ect ect?
    3. and is there any good low dollar "backyard" upgrads such as tweeking this and adjusting that.....
    4.i have a hard time getting it to switch between forward/neutral/reverse i know its 12 years old so im suspecting the cables.... a little disappointed in the plane off time when i have two other people with me or pulling a tube (but i expected it with the tube) i have tryed moveing wieght around which of couse helps some ..... is this normal for these boats? it is not a major issue to me but it was a little disappointing ......

    the boat was in dry storage for many years of its life and im not sure what maintenance was done before hand.... can anyone give me a good list of things i should check/replace ......
    any help would be great

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    I believe 7000 is the normal max rpm for your engines. The rev limiter is set around 7100 but you won't reach that unless you are bouncing over chop. I doubt you will get much more performance out of your setup unless you start throwing a lot of money at it, and then you begin to loose reliability. Perhaps someone else can offer some advice on this.

    I suspect your cable has some corrosion or the levers on either end of the cable are corroded and tight. Check the condition of the cable boots as I just found mine split and leaking water into the cable.

    as for the out of hole plane time, it could be that the pump is cavitating, a characteristic of the engine revving to high rpm but no immediate thrust, meaning it is not working efficiently due to air intrusion or worn impeller or wear ring. Check the condition of the wear ring and impeller. The clearance between the impeller and wear ring is quite small, less than 1mm new.

    Download the user guide and get a shop manual with the list of standard maintenance items. Keep on top of the maintenance and your boat will last trouble free.

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    I'm fairly new to this too but have had many of the same questions cross my mind. 7000 is normal RPM. These motors are already putting out a lot for their size. Most people that know a lot about them say to keep them stock. It is not worth the money and the loss of reliability to get very little additional power out of them.

    Have you checked your impellers and rings for damage and wear? If it is taking too long to get on plane your problem may be there. I have no problem getting to plane quick with my Challenger that has a single 787 110hp motor. However, I have a Skat Trak Swirl Impeller. I read several posts about people whining that their Challenger was real slow to plane. It seems that the stock impeller is known to be a dog when it comes to getting on plane. I could not figure out why people were complaining. Then when I pulled my pump to get my impeller repaired I discovered it was a Swirl impeller. It is pretty well documented that they get you to plane a lot quicker. The down side it that you many loss 2 MPH on top end speed. The swirl is also better at chopping up crud that may otherwise stop the stock impeller.

    I've removed and installed my pump a few times. This last time I noticed that in the water it was a bit stiff to go between forward/neutral and reverse. The only thing I did different was that I zip tied some cables in the engine bay including the reverse cable. I think the slightly different tension on the cable may be the cause of my increased pressure. Check that your reverse cable is not being tugged or misrouted in the bay.

    If I think of more stuff will post later. Wife says it is time to hit the town.

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    Here is where I got the last part I needed. They had the part for much less than other places and shipped it out the same day I ordered it:

    The part I ordered was a used part and it arrived in good condition.

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    thanks for the help im going to pull it down and check the impellors and wear rings and just do a go through and replace wear items as money permits

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    4. Grab hold of a maintenance manual for your year and model. There are quite a few adjustments you can make at the throttle and F-N-R levers that will change the feel and operation characteristics.

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