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    Exclamation Any suggestions?

    Hello, I bought a 1996 Seadoo Bombardier GTX (3-pass) a few months ago. Just wanted it for a little summer fun. I payed $2500, its in AMAZING shape, no fading at all! Only issue is the speedometer isnt working. It is on a brandnew trailor with a swivel wheel. Trailor is in perfect condition! My point is.. Lol, now I need money for college in the fall, so where should I start with an asking price?? I will post pics as soon as I can find my camera lol! Thank for your advice!

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    Few sratches in the front on the gren face, to small to even show in a pic

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    Alex, even with the 1200 trailor I purchased, still best to start with $2200??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richardg View Post
    Alex, even with the 1200 trailor I purchased, still best to start with $2200??
    Without trailor... I think I paid 700.00 bucks for my single trailor new, So if your trailor is as good as new add some $$$

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    you got 2500 in ski and 1200 in trialer??
    thats 3700, correct?
    start by askin 3000, but be ready to sell for 2400.
    usually older skis sell with trailer, so kbb quote is WITH trailer.
    but it is high season for selling so you might get a little more.
    good luck.

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    Ok, I placed a "For Sale" sign on it for $3000 obo.. Im willing to bargain, but REALLY hoping to get atleast 2500 back out of it! Thanks for help!!!

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