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    What grade gas do you run?

    With enthenol at just about every pump you go to these days.What do you run in your ski?I'm a little gun shy these day's after cooking my snowmobile engine this past winter running 87 octane w/ethenol and running it ethenol mode.650.00 in parts!My brother told me at that rate I was at 70 bucks a gallon

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    Heh i just run 93 all time. I notice diff when running anything lower

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    Im curious as well.... hmm maybe ill run 89 now.

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    I run 93 in everything but my truck. The skis and car are tuned for 91+.

    93 is a bargin now. When gas was $1 it was $.20 more (20%) now at $4 it's still $.20 more (5%).

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    Cheap insurance I guess.I just thought I heard somebody saying 87 is recomended and thats all you should run.My arctic cat manual says the same thing about my firecat but I run premium in that because I added some timming,pipe and some other goodies.

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