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    Water in intake and sc

    So today I was doing some crazy seadooing and water got into my SC.

    I knew it was water because my seadoo had just gone threw a lot of water.

    Layed off the gas right away and started idling... idle for a while and then tried to give it some gas again but it wasn't sounding good.

    So I had my buddy, Thanks Pone lol, pull to me to my trailer. Took out the spark plugs and disconnected the intake and throttle body hoses.

    Spray each cylinder with air and same with the SC and throttle body.

    I'm gonna replace the spark plugs just in case, but is there anything else I should do to make sure everything will run good again?

    Bad luck is on my side, thats for sure

    PS: It was idling fine, if that helps...

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    When this happen to me I pulled the plugs and cranked it over and over and let it all shoot out and fogged then repeated .. also i changed my oil and filter about 6 times ....

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    Well I was due for an oil change soon. As for 6 times don't think I can afford that right now :S

    I don't think there was a lot of water that went in...

    But in terms of your engine working properly after that...?

    I just hope no valve were bent or any major damage to the engine


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    was this a rxp?? what were ya doing to get water ingestion...flip it or sub it?

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    Don't worry about the water injestion unless the engine stops. When you suck in a little bit of water the engine runs like crap until it all blows/burns out.

    Now if your ski sank then you want to not start it until you have removed the water from the engine by cranking over with plugs out and changine the oil a couple of times.

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    Well it did not sink.

    Just a little water inside the sc. And yes it does run like crap, thats for sure.

    Should I still replace the spark plugs?


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    Better compression test it to be safe. Possible bent valve or rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydrotoys
    Better compression test it to be safe. Possible bent valve or rod.
    Yeah, hope you didn`t bend a rod from hydrolocking! ...PR...

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