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    Exclamation Polaris Slt 700 Start Problems!!!!!

    i have recently bought a 1996 Slt 700 from a guy down the road. i put a new batt and new sprks plugs new gaskets and all the little things on it but the darn thing wont run. the starter turns aswell as the pistons but it wont start. can any6one help me?

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    Do you have spark???

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    ya i have a spark

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    the pistons and starter turns fine no grinding noise all the connections are clean but i have noticed the carbs havent been getting any gas /well it did at first when i pushed the throttle but now it isnt i dont know if it has enough gas in it could this be the problem? it is a new batt could it not have a good enough charge would it help if i try to jump start it?

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    I have learned the three things you need for engine to run.

    1. Spark
    2. Fuel
    3. Compression

    If you have spark, then look to see if you're getting fuel. It sounds like from your post your not.

    Upgrade to new tripple outlet fuel pump, replace fuel lines (even in the tank, and remove and clean the carbs. There is a little filter in each one that may be plugged.

    If that doesn't do it then check the compression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrjhein View Post
    ...would it help if I try to jump start it?
    Do NOT jump start a Polaris PWC.

    Charge the battery on a good quality battery charger, at low current (maybe 2 AMPs). Don't overcharge the battery.

    Jump starting these things can fry the electronics.

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    would a 3 outlet fuel pump work on a 2 cylinder engine?

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    how much would one of these usually cost canadian if anyone knows?

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    i tried starting it yesterday and i noticed that the carb isnt getting any gas when i push the throttle but the fuel/water separator is still filling up. the tank is low on fuel as it is on res but the separator is filling up but as i said no gas is squirting into the carb when throttle is applied does anyone know the problem? and how to fix it? the 3 outlet fuel pump is not an option at this time but may be soon. i am getting spark, i dont think i am getting fuel but not sure, and i dont know how to test the compression

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    if possible email me as well with any help that would be great

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