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Thread: vinyl wraps

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    vinyl wraps

    ok so over the years my ski has taken some abuse and is starting to look rough.

    I have thought about painting it, but not to sure how to go about oding that with the gel coating on it and so on, there are many dings and nicks in it have have gone through the whit on top and make it uneven i guess i would have to fill them with some body filler and then sand before i paint or do a wrap.....wanted to just touch up some spots but i will never be able to match the white (because of fading) and the teal because of not knowing the color code

    but just wodnering what other people have done to help the ski look better out there. if you can attach some pics of your ski

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    Do some searching, especially in the Project section.

    There are a number of threads about painting and restoring the appearance.

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