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Thread: Fuel Pumps

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    Fuel Pumps

    Just looking for some thoughts.... I have a 1994 SL 750 motor that is going into a 1995 SLT hull. This ski is just going to be a back up it has the single inlet and single outlet fuel pump from Polaris, guys will this be ok if you dont run it wide open for a long period of time, or should I put the single in and triple out?


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    If it were me I'd avoid the potential problems and just install the tripple outlet pump.

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    I'd change it as well as the fuel lines. Be sure to check the fuel selector switch and if your PWC has the tubes which drop into the tank, make sure they are in good working order and tight on the sender.

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    Why chance it? $25 for a pump, thorough carb cleaning for free, and $20 for hose. A burnt piston will cost alot more than that.

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