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Thread: 94 Sl 750

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    Exclamation 94 Sl 750

    I have a polaris 94 SL 750 with a starting problem. The craft will not turn over at all. I have cleaned all cables ( ground etc..) I have tested the startor solanoid and it checks out ok. I have even bybassed the solanoid and it still wont turn over. I have tested the MFD ground wire and the Postive wire and they all are working properly. However the display on the MFD is only showing 8.0 to 10.0 volts. When you test it thru the red and purple wire on the harness it reads 12.8 volts. The craft has been in this condition for about 5 years and still cannot find out the problem. I have tested the fuse and it is working fine.

    Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Any clicking at all? Any noise? Can you turn the motor over by hand?

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    I do here a clicking from the electrical box and I do not know how to turn motor over by hand.

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    weak starter...............
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    to turn the motor by hand.....................remove the plastic shroud that is over the driveshaft coupler by removing the clamp. turn drive shaft coupler by hand, it should turn pretty much easily though you will be fighting the compression in the cylinders. you can take the spark plugs out and then it should turn over easily.............

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    What happens when you put 12v directly to the starter?

    Doesn't turn, you need a starter.
    Clicks, may need a bendix
    Turns over and just "whines" can be bendix, teeth missing on starter or flywheel.

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    If it were my boat;
    I'd first make sure the engine rotates by hand (remove plugs, to make it easier)
    I'd get a known good jumper box
    Apply the power to the starter side of the solenoid
    Temporarily touch the ground to a clean spot on the engine (grind a section clean if you have to)
    If you still have no starter movement, check the cable going to the starter.
    If it's good, pull the starter and bench test it.
    If it works let us know and we can test the rest of the system.

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    New question

    Ok I supplied positive wire straight to the startor with neg. results. I then took a seperate wire and grounded the starter on the rear of the starter and what ya know it cranked. I think this means I have a bad ground with the starter and the block.

    I'm Having a little trouble getting the starter out. I removed the 2 bolts in the rear (not the housing bolts) and it doesn't seem to move at all. Is there any bolts on the front that I can't see. I also removed the gas tank and did not see anything holding it. Any suggestions
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    It is only held on by those two bolts. It has two o-rings on the end that goes into the stator housing. These can freeze up over time. Just twist/wiggle. It should work it's way out.

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    No bolts on the front. Just wiggle and pull it has a boss with an o-ring that goes into the housing.

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