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    Sold my Raider today

    Well I sold my 95 Raider 1100 today. Im not sure how to feel about it since it was my first ski and was so much fun. I love my SHO so far but theres something about that Raider that i will miss, its probably that it was so light, quick, easy to jump, and just plain fun. Oh well i still have my memories right?

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    I'll take good care of her

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    you got a great ski my friend. Great price, i loved my raider... until i got a 1300r and a stand up

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    Quote Originally Posted by shay_mcquaid View Post
    I'll take good care of her
    Thanks again and welcome to the board Shay. I guess the ski is runnin well, i havent got anymore calls? Theres a ton of knowledge on this board so dont be afraid to ask questions.

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    I felt the same temptation this weekend when I saw a GP1300R up close for the first time while at the dealer getting some parts. Wow what a nice ski!!!

    It was neat though when I pulled up at the dealer with my Raider and a couple of the sales guys came out to check it out. They both couldn't believe there were any of them still running. I love the shock and aww factor from I get from people when they hear I am running a 13 year old ski and running in the range of 65+- mph. Raider's are like old school hotrods and I love'em!

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