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Thread: Exhaust Cracked

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    Exhaust Cracked

    I recently flushed the engine after riding my 94 yamaha waveraider and water came spraying out of the exhaust. It cracked where the water and exhaust meet. Both the inside exhaust and outside is cracked. Is it okay to weld this or do I need to get replacement parts?

    Any help with this would be great.

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    Anybody have any thoughts as to whether this can be welded???

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    You can probably find one on ebay for 20 bux...

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    Look around for a used one. It would take some tricky welding to get it to hold good.
    That is a very common place for it to crack on that ski...
    Post over on the X for the part. I'm sure one of those guys has one laying around as they all swap out for aftermarket pipes...

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    My 94 raider cracked in the exact same spot last year.. I tried for a few hours to grind it down and weld it shut.... no sucess. I ended up placing a small peice of metal on the inside and using jbweld on the out. It has been holding up for quite sometime now with no issues. I couldnt find a replacement exhause for it. good luck!

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