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    Heat fade killing my speed

    In april when I lived in Nebraska my ski was running 8100 rpm 66-67 mph on the gps in 60 degree air temp. I replaced the prop with the impros 12/19.5 pitch stock prop it dropped my rpm down to 7850 but I gained 68-69 mph on the gps in 60 degree air temp. Now since I moved to Arizona with 100-110 degree air temp my rpm has dropped to 7500-7550 and Im gps around 64.5- 65.5 on the impros pitch prop.
    This week I finished making my PPG style air intake (I had riva style air intake before) and filled the ride plate/grate bolt holes like green hulk said. I plan on installing the 14/19 solas prop this week also. I hope this will help get some of my rpm and speed back up. I would get the riva IC if I still worked full time but I cant afford it since I decided to become a full time college student again.

    P.S. Elevation didn't change that much. 1600 ft in NE and 1700 ft at the lake in AZ.

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    Oh yea, the heat is a definate killer!

    If that air intake doesnt work for you try putting the Riva one back on and doing the hose to the filter element in the front storage compartment like i did. That worked wonders!

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    time for an onboard HVAC unit! LOL

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